Injured While Riding A Bike?

Bicycling is more than just a pastime for many people. The movement toward green living and the rising costs of gasoline make bicycles a popular alternative method of transportation. While there are many benefits to cycling, the activity also comes with risks — including the potential for bike accidents.

Bicycles are much smaller than cars and other vehicles, exposing riders to safety dangers. While drivers of motor vehicles are expected to exercise caution when sharing the road, the consistently high numbers of bicycle accidents involving cars indicate that many motorists fail to maintain proper attention.

Accidents can be very serious for cyclists. Often riders sustain severe injuries or even die when struck by another vehicle. Given the potentially tragic, costly and life-long impacts of bike crashes, it’s essential to contact a lawyer after an accident.

Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents
Bicyclists must follow the rules that govern traffic on roadways. It can be very frustrating, then, to see motorists — who are driving much larger vehicles ­— routinely ignore the laws that are intended to keep everyone safe.

Common actions that can put bicyclists at risk include:

  • Failure to observe “proper lookout.” Texas law expects every motorist to be constantly aware of his or her surroundings. Failure to pay attention can be used to find a driver negligent.
  • Turning into a bicyclist. In what is the cause of many bicycling accidents, a driver fails to see a biker and turns into the cyclist. Such a crash could be prevented if a driver carefully checked his or her blind spot
  • Bike lane intrusions. A bicyclist may be struck by a driver who moves into a clearly marked bike lane. Often riders are struck from the side or behind.
  • Moving into a cyclist’s path. A motorist may pull out in front of a bicyclist at an intersection. A bicyclist may have insufficient time to stop before striking a vehicle.
  • Following at an unsafe distance. Drivers who follow a cyclist too closely run the risk of striking a biker from behind.
  • Failure to yield right of way. A motorist may fail to observe traffic signs that give a bicyclist the right of way, potentially leading to collisions.

Pursue A Personal Injury Case
Even if you were following all cycling laws when a motor vehicle accident happened, a successful personal injury lawsuit will require proof that a driver’s actions caused a collision. An experienced lawyer can help you compile evidence that will be important for making a strong case, including copies of the report on a car accident, crash scene photographs and eyewitness reports attesting to a driver’s negligence.

Gathering evidence to show a motorist is at fault in a bike crash can be overwhelming, particularly if you or a loved one is dealing with serious injuries following a bicycle accident. An attorney can be an important advocate during this legal process.


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