Pedestrian Accidents Are Common

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 70,000 people were injured by motor vehicles in pedestrian accidents in 2010. Tragically, 4,280 victims were killed in motor vehicle crashes. That’s roughly one pedestrian death every two hours.

Pedestrian accidents are especially common in large urban areas like Houston. People walking on the city’s streets are often not easily visible to motorists, particularly drivers of larger vehicles. Many motorists are also distracted by the use of cellphones to make calls or send text messages. Heavy traffic congestion can also lead drivers to become impatient; they might ignore traffic lights or otherwise put pedestrians at risk.

Even when pedestrians practice basic safety rules, such as always crossing at crosswalks and looking both ways, people who are walking on Houston streets are at serious risk of being struck by a vehicle. Personal injury laws can allow pedestrians who have been hurt to pursue compensation for damages.

How Do I Prove My Case?
Recovering damages following a pedestrian accident typically requires providing a significant amount of evidence. Texas law has particular requirements regarding what documentation is needed and how it should be submitted.

Materials that may be necessary to make a successful case include:

  • Police report. A police report detailing what happened in a car accident can be persuasive toward proving a pedestrian’s claim, particularly if it very clearly labels a motorist as being at fault in an accident.
  • Witness accounts. An eyewitness who was able to see what happened from the vantage point of the street could provide valuable information about a pedestrian accident.
  • Photographs. Photos from the scene, including the intersection where the accident occurred, can also be powerful evidence — especially if a crosswalk was clearly marked.
  • Proof of damages. Victims in pedestrian accidents will typically have to prove that they suffered physical, emotional or financial losses as a direct result of the accident. This proof can come in the form of hospital bills or other medical records. Evidence of lost wages can also be important. Finally, in the tragic instance a family member is killed by a motorist, documentation of funeral costs could factor into a personal injury case.

Find A Legal Advocate Who Will Fight For You
If you or a loved one has been struck by a vehicle while walking, you are likely recovering from potentially serious injuries. You may also be dealing with stacks of medical bills, piles of insurance paperwork and stressful phone calls from agents pressuring you to settle a case. You might feel under-informed and overwhelmed, unsure how to best advocate for your rights.

When you work with a Houston car accident lawyer, you have someone on your side. An attorney can work with an insurance company on your behalf, fighting for fair compensation while keeping your personal injury rights intact. In the event of deciding to file a lawsuit, to recover damages, a lawyer will have investigative resources to prove another party is liable for the damages.


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