How To Obtain A Settlement From A Car Accident

Getting Financial Compensation For Damages
If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an auto collision, you know that an accident can have a significant financial impact on your family. Healthcare bills, lost wages, car repair costs and other expenses can cause economic uncertainty in your household. Obtaining a settlement following a Houston car accident can be one way in which to help provide for the financial security of your family.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim
While no personal injury lawsuit will be exactly like another, there are some constants existing between cases. The first is that a victim of car accident should see a doctor as soon as possible following an accident. Even if it appears no injuries have been sustained, it’s a good idea to get checked out by a doctor. A medical professional may discover hidden injuries, and documentation of conditions are an important part of any personal injury claim.

The second rule of thumb is that anyone involved in a car accident should secure the services of an experienced attorney. Because of the detailed requirements of Texas law, the personal injury process can be a complicated and intensive ordeal. An experienced injury lawyer can guide you through the process, including the following steps.

  • Investigating the accident. Your attorney will take steps to understand what happened in an accident. In addition to your interview, a lawyer will try to collect statements from eyewitness. Photos of the accident scene may be taken, and requests made for phone records that could show that texting or talking on a cellphone may have contributed to a crash.
  • Negotiating for a settlement. Your attorney will likely work with an insurance provider or another party to try to secure a monetary award that fairly compensates you for damages.
  • Engaging in court proceedings. In the event your legal representative is unable to negotiate a settlement at this time, he or she will file a lawsuit with the court. This is typically followed by a discovery period in which you and the other motorist will have to provide testimony about what happened in an accident. Motions may also be filed about where a case should be tried and what evidence admitted.
  • Seeking a settlement once again. It is often at this stage in legal proceedings that a settlement is reached. Because going to court is costly and the outcome is uncertain, another party’s lawyer may believe settling is the best option. Your lawyer will only recommend you accept a settlement if it provides fair compensation.

It’s possible that no settlement may be reached, in which case a trial will be scheduled. A lawyer will make arguments on your behalf during a trial, seeking to convince the court that you deserve compensation for damages resulting from an accident.

Find An Experienced Lawyer
Remember, if you’re interested in the possibility of obtaining a settlement after a Houston car accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. A legal advocate can tell you what to do after a car accident in Houston, giving you the best chance of achieving a favorable result in your case.


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